Bayoulands Episode 7-2


Episode 7-2     November 2017

Show Notes


Veteran’s Day Ceremony in Port Arthur


Encore of Martian Films Book Talk

with guests: O’Brien Stanley and Dr. Nicki Michalski


artists: John Carpenter w/ Steve Vai

song: Ghosts of Mars (excerpt)


Film Premiere at Logon with guest: Jeremy Hawa – Film Professor at Lamar University


artist: Travelin’ Light

song: Song d’ Autumne


Share Your Christmas at the Southeast Texas Food Bank

with guest: Dan Maher – Executive Director


Outro music:

artist: Richard Bone

song: Autumna Falls



Bayoulands is a KVLU production.

Jason M. Miller is the Producer.

Jared Webb is the Associate Producer.

Shannon Harris is Executive Producer.