Bayoulands Episode 6

Listen to Bayoulands Episode 6:

Show notes


Old Orange Café

Shangri-La Grand Re-opening (reprise)

“Orange, That’s My Hometown” 45 rpm / KOGT interview with Gary Stelly

Mid- Break   (reprise Orange, That’s My Hometown)

Texas Travel Information Center

 Talking to travels…guests: Dan O’Neill, Joyce Atchison, Frieda Yoakum

Cormier Museum (Orangefield)

Sno-cone stand  (Shiver Shack)



David Claybar – Owner/Chef of Old Orange Café

Shangri-La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

Matthew Myers

Gary Stelly owner / general manager of KOGT

Glen Weathington from Texas Travel Center

Sara Dupuis from TXDot

Joyce Atchison

Dan O’Neill,

Frieda Yoakum

Jesse Fremont and Charlie Benoit from the Cormier Museum

Christina Sterling from Shiver Shack

Music Credits:

“Waltz Across Texas (instrumental)” by Area Code 512

“Elite Syncopations” (1902) by Scott Joplin

“The Snow Cone Song” by 4L3X!

“The Sno Cone Stand Inc.” by Ben Burgess


Photo Gallery for Episode 6: 


Cormier Museum photos – courtesy of their Facebook page; “Orange, My Home Town” 45″ rpm record – photo courtesy of Matthew Myers

cormier-museum-fb2cormier-museum-fb3cormier-museum-fb4 orange-thats-my-hometown-cover-a