Bayoulands episode 6-2

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Episode 6-2  10-26-17

Show Notes


Harvey Relief Street Party

with guest: Penny LeLux – owner of website – “What’s Happening Orange County?”

Artist: Mike Magnuson

Song: Harvey was its Name


BREAK – underwriter credit

Artist: Liquid Mind

Song: Unity


Massage Therapy

with guest: Andi Papoutsis – Licensed Massage Therapist


with guest: Beth Gallaspy – Yoga Instructor at Sun Tree Yoga


Artist: Desert Dwellers

Song: Yoga Dub Mystic


Meditation on Campus

with guest: Ruth Stanley – Professor of Communications at Lamar University

Student Meditation

with guest: Cedric Lyons II – Communications Major at Lamar University


Artist: The Ambient Visitor

Song: The Journey Continues, Part One



Bayoulands is a KVLU production.

Jason M. Miller is the Producer.

Jared Webb is the Associate Producer.

Shannon Harris is Executive Producer.

This episode’s music was edited and curated by Jason M. Miller


Specials Thanks goes to:

Penny LeLux

Mike Magnuson

Andi Papoutsis

Beth Gallaspy

Ruth Stanley

Cedric Lyons II